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Stainless Steel Balustrades

Balustrades are an essential component for nearly all buildings – from just a few feet on residential landings to 00’s of metres through commercial buildings. Although their primary function is for safety, usually being found at the edges of staircases and higher floors to stop people from falling, they can also serve a decorative purpose along with this safety requirement, with aesthetically pleasing balustrades a prominent part of a building’s interior design.

At Stair Pro, we create beautiful bespoke stainless steel balustrades that serve both a safety and aesthetic purpose for commercial properties. With a range of materials including glass and wood with stainless steel and timber for handrails, we can provide balustrades that are perfectly suited to your building.

A unique part of our balustrade process is the welding and polishing of the tube joints. This gives your balustrades a seamless, bespoke feel and look, as opposed to standardised joints and finishes that you would find elsewhere.

You can find inspiration for your own staircase from our case studies, or if you already have some ideas in mind, our design team will help to translate these into a working plan for your project.

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Custom Made Steel Balustrades

Your balustrades can be created with either our fully bespoke or tailor-made services. Our fully bespoke service offers balustrades made to your exact specifications throughout the whole process, from the design, to the manufacture, to the installation. Everything from the materials used to the size of each part will be your decision. You can choose from a range of materials for your balustrades, including mild steel, stainless steel, glass, and timber.

With our tailor-made service, your stainless steel balustrades will be made using the same high-quality parts and materials but with standardised size options.

After we manufacture your bespoke or tailor-made balustrades, we will then install them on site, taking great care to maintain our high level of quality whilst keeping the process prompt in order to minimise any disruptions at your premises.

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